Winter, Spring,
Summer, Fall: Stories

by Robert Edison Sandiford

1st Edition Cover

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall: Stories

The four stories that make up Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall begin The
Chronicles of The Cumberbatch Family: their arrival in Canada from Barbados,
their decision to settle on the Island of Montreal and the times they've
known since.

These events are largely seen through the eyes of their Canadian-born children, who experience the subtle shifts between the present and the past, new homes and old ones, like the ever changing seasons.

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall is the first work of fiction to deal with the
concerns, fears and aspirations of the offspring of West Indian immigrants
living in the province of Quebec by a member of that generation.

WSSF 2nd Edition
ISBN 0-921852-24-X
Paperback, Illustrated
Pages: 100
Price: $16.00 CDN

2nd Edition Cover




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